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Dog Walking in Bicester, Kirtlington, Chesterton, Caversfield and Ardley.

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We Have Vacancies!

After having a full book of 'W.A.L.K.I.E.S' (sorry we cannot say that word as it sets Basil off) for over 2 years now, we are sad to wave goodbye to one of our buddies who is moving off our patch.  Therefore, we have a vacancy for a brand new buddy to join our friendly and welcoming pack for lunchtime walks. 


As you might gather, I do have an upper limit of the number of doggies I will walk at anyone time.  Partly this is about just having physical space to transport them safely in my vehicle but more importantly I feel that it is important for me to be in control of the pack when we are out on a walk.  Especially if we encounter bunnies or other dog walkers.

So if your little buddy, wants to come and run with our pack please drop me a line here.


Embedded Grass Seed

In the spring and summer months we often have dogs presented to us with problems caused by grass seeds. Just one of these simple and apparently harmless seeds can in fact cause severe health problems and in the country our pets come into contact with millions of them each spring and summer!


The shape of grass seeds means that they move forwards and a grass seed left embedded in the coat will quite quickly penetrate through the skin. Once the grass seed has pushed through the skin it will track its’ way along through the body causing infection and tissue trauma. After playing in the grass dogs will often have grass seeds lodged in their coats, the most common place for grass seeds to lodge is between the toes on the paws but they can also lodge in other areas. 


By Dr Mark Lewis BVSc.  Continue reading his article here.


If you think your pooch may have this problem, you should contact one of our local Vets or professional groomers.


About Pet Buddies...

Dog walking in Bicester, Caversfield, Kirtlington, Fringford, Hethe and Chesterton

If you are looking for a professional dog walker in Bicester and the surrounding area then a very warm welcome to Pet Buddies home on the web!  We offer dog walking services in and around the Bicester area including Caversfield, Kirtlington, Chesterton & Ardley.


Eleven years ago I gave up a regular paid job in a warm and dry office to follow my heart.  I had just lost my own dog and I was desperate to spend time with dogs but the pain of losing Sandy meant that I was reluctant at that time to get another dog.  Having previously been a full-time working mum, I knew how difficult it can be to give your dog the quality of exercise they need and deserve.  So my aim was to provide high quality, low number dog walks and I really hope that I have achieved that. 


So when your dog is under our care, with your help, we aim to look after them as well as you do.  That means very enriching dog walks, keeping the number of dogs we walk at one time low.   We are fully insured as professional dog walkers and our similarly insured vehicles are unmarked for security reasons in case you're out at work when we visit your home. We don't want to indicate to possible intruders that your property is unoccupied.


Since starting Pet Buddies, I've overcome my fear of losing another dog when we found Basil (Bazzy to his friends) at Ardley Rescue Kennels and he is always to be found on our walks with his friends running like a lunatic chasing the scents of long since vanished bunnies.


Pet Buddies serves the following areas for dog walking; Ardley, Caversfield, Chesterton,  Kirtlington and of course Bicester.


Scenes from one of our walks in wild open spaces where doggies can run free and safe!

I love my own doggies and I know that regular exercise is an important part of keeping them healthy and happy.  But seriously have you seen the weather?  However, for the rest of the Pet Buddies pack, off they trek with their friends ready to run and burrow their little noses into any trouble (e.g. bunny scent) they can find.  So if you are finding the weather too much, just remember that we are here; rain, hail, snow and shine (we like the shine!) to keep your buddy in peak condition.


Walking dogs in the Bicester area since 2007


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