Improving Your Little Buddy's Joint Health Through Diet - 'Bazzy Chicken'

Many clients have told me that as their doggies get older they have to start giving them medication to improve their joints.


I would therefore like to share with you all my personal experience and recipe for 'Bazzy Chicken' or more technically chicken cooked in turmeric.


It was an instant and remarkable benefit for my older dog Sandy when we noticed her forearms were not as flexible as they once were and Basil has eaten it for the last 5 years and is still very fit.


Click here for my recipe and shhh don't say the word 'chicken'.

Dog Walking in Bicester, Kirtlington, Chesterton, Caversfield and Ardley.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the most stimulating, quality walks on offer.  We choose select locations away from crowds where your buddy will be safe and find much to interest them.  I love my own dog and I know that regular exercise is an important part of keeping them healthy and happy.  Come rain, hail, snow and shine (we like the shine!) we like to keep all our pack members safe, happy and well exercised.

About Pet Buddies...

Dog walking in Bicester, Caversfield, Kirtlington, Fringford, Hethe and Chesterton

If you are looking for a professional dog walker in Bicester and the surrounding area then a very warm welcome to Pet Buddies home on the web!  We offer dog walking services in and around the Bicester area including Caversfield, Kirtlington, Chesterton & Ardley.


Eleven years ago I gave up a regular paid job in a warm and dry office to follow my heart.  I had just lost my own dog and I was desperate to spend time with dogs but the pain of losing Sandy meant that I was reluctant at that time to get another dog.  Having previously been a full-time working mum, I knew how difficult it can be to give your dog the quality of exercise they need and deserve.  So my aim was to provide high quality, low number dog walks and I really hope that I have achieved that. 


So when your dog is under our care, with your help, we aim to look after them as well as you do.  That means very enriching dog walks, keeping the number of dogs we walk at one time low.   We are fully insured as professional dog walkers and our similarly insured vehicles are unmarked for security reasons in case you're out at work when we visit your home. We don't want to indicate to possible intruders that your property is unoccupied.


Since starting Pet Buddies, I've overcome my fear of losing another dog when we found Basil (Bazzy to his friends) at Ardley Rescue Kennels and he is always to be found on our walks with his friends running like a lunatic chasing the scents of long since vanished bunnies.


Pet Buddies serves the following areas for dog walking; Ardley, Caversfield, Chesterton,  Kirtlington and of course Bicester.


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