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One of the best parts of this job is meeting so many different people - from the Customers and Owners to the fellow dog walkers I meet on my journey.  It's amazing the things that I learn, especially from Sally about gardening and plants as she is our resident horticulturist on our team.  So we thought it might be a good idea to share some of the better bits of information we discover with you.  If you want to contribute, please drop us a line.

Animal Supplies & Products

  • Vet UK Ltd - Vet UK provide a one stop service for all animals.  I personally buy all our dog food from them and they have proved to be extremely efficient and competitive




The following are not necessarily anything to do with dogs or dog walking but they are people and places I recommend.  Some are friends as well!


  • Freddie Jones, Yoga in Bucknell - - I have been a member of Freddie's class for several years and I cannot recommend her highly enough, particularly if you are new to Yoga.


  • Bunkers Hill Nursey - - You may have noticed from our own gallery page that we enjoy nature.  If you are looking for some garden centre bargains I'd recommend Bunkers Hill, it's an Aladins Cave! (News Feed from reporter Laura Patricia)

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